Rayners Range Your Local 1000 yard Range

Hello Everyone !

Hello Everyone, The road has reopened! State route 60 South of Duncan Falls has reopened. We hope to see everyone soon.

Thanks Again The Rayner's

April 4-6 Rayner's Southeastern Ohio Spring Sniper Challenge 2014

The Spring Sniper Match is now full for Sat. & Sun. They can shoot on Friday, but limited on the number for that day. All match fees are dues right away to hold the slots that are spoken for. If not paid by Mar.1st., all unpaid slots are up for grabs to guys on the waiting list or day changes. This holding slots for no shows or two day notices of not coming keeps others from shooting this match.

April 4-6 Rayner’s 2013 Spring Sniper Challenge

$50.00 Match Fee
1 day format
Shoot Saturday or Sunday
18 + stages
45 min rounds 85-90 max rounds
No armor piercing ammo -- No .50 BMG .416 or .408, .338 max.


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