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We started the shooting range in 1995 as a family business. We started USPSA sanctioned pistol and 3 gun matches in 1997. Since we started, we have been constantly expanding and trying to improve the range. Two years ago, we started our long range matches. This year, we are having two sniper matches.

Carolyn and I have been NRA Instructors since 1995. We offer CCW Classes at our range as well as other firearms training. We try to offer something for everyone, USPSA pistol matches, combat rifle, combat shotgun, 22 LR pistol, 22 LR rifle, and our 1000 yard long range matches.

Rain or shine, sleet or snow, hot or cold, regardless of the weather, if we have a match on the schedule, we will shoot it!!!

Come and check out our range.

The Rayners, Tom and Carolyn

Mail: 10908 Rayner Lane, Blue Rock, OH 43720

Shop Phone: (740)-674-7019

e-mail: tomlrayner@aol.com

Pistol Matches start at 9:00am and run until 5:00 pm
Long Range Matches sign in at 9:00am Shooter's Meeting at 9:30am

Cost to shoot the match is $20.00
Reshoots and side matches are $5.00
The side matches are a separate match so you have the option to shoot pistol match
or the side match or both.

Oct. 30-31 & Nov. 1 Rayner’s Fall Sniper Challenge Fee - $100.00


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